SANS PAROLE is a Canadian fashion brand specializing in contemporary streetwear for your everyday life. Our Ready-to-Wear Collections encapsulate the essential nature of timeless and quality constructed garments. 

Our Custom Collections feature one-of-a-kind, handmade, bespoke garments. These luxury offerings are entirely unique, never made before, and never to be made again.

"If You Could Never Speak Again"

Put yourself in an extraordinary circumstance where you’re left without the ability to speak. No longer being able to express yourself freely, open up, or spread your message. Without Speech to reaffirm who you are and what you stand for, how will you be remembered up until this point? Who will remember you, and what will they remember you for? Will you be remembered at all? 

We as humans constantly experience ongoing struggles and are forced to adjust and adapt to new phenomenons. The concept of If You Could Never Speak Again (IYCNSA) asks you to put yourself in a reality where your fundamental method of expression has been taken from you. Something we all previously took for granted all of a sudden becomes your biggest challenge.

How will you choose to express yourself now, Without Speech? As creatives, we ask ourselves this question every day. At Sans Parole, we aspire to express ourselves through fashion without words. We choose to let the act of creating speak on our behalf. Through our designs and our artistic creations, we allow the craft of our work to be the voice that makes our message clear.